“We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal”~ Martin Luther King


We are Milo, Yassir, and Max and are the owners and creators of this site.

For school we had to make a project called “Profielwerkstuk”, in that project we had to solve a social problem. So we started to think about what kind of problem for the people can we solve. It had to be something unique and special, something that really could have a impact.

Eventually we had the idea to make a website because of the lessons we follow. But what kind of website? We all have one common friend of us who was a refugee.
He inspired us to make this website to help refugees to communicate with each other, after he told us his story of how his journey to the Netherlands was and how lonely he felt at that time. All so how he described the circumstances in the refugee camps. So we started this site with the idea to bring people together and create a save place where they could share their story and talk to other refugees to feel less lonely.
We also talked with the organization “Young and Caring” and decided to collab on this project because we have the same purpose. Bring people closer to each other. They also try to help as much refugees as possible with the idea that we are all humans and everybody is equal. Our main purpose is that refugees who feel lonely, have a platform to talk on and feel less lonely.

The website brings a few features:

  • a page where u can share your story and tell the truth of how the life in a refugee camp is or how the journey went
  • Chat Room
  • Young and caring
  • Contact